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Our team of Experienced and highly skilled barbers are renowned for being the best in the industry. Setting the bar high to ensure that our clients always feel the benefit of our creativity and service.

Tyson Grant

Director Stylist & Co-owner

With over 15 years of men’s grooming experience, Tyson is regarded as one of the UK’s top men’s hair stylists and is the ‘go to barber’ for several senior executives and celebrities. Tyson is a master of precision. His career began in 2007 in Australia, where he worked in some of the most prestigious salons, before securing a senior stylist and grooming specialist role in London, in the iconic department store Harrods. Tyson injects passion, creativity, and innovation into every hair masterpiece he creates. Specialising in texture, movement and precision haircut styles that are bespoke for every client. His unappareled talent has attracted a trusted and diverse clientele including members of the Royal Families, A-List celebrities and high-profile dignitaries.


Colour Specialist and Senior Stylist

With over 12 years of experience working in the hair industry, Joe loves the fact that hair styling allows him to show off his artistic and creative side. His skills, commitment and years of experience has seen him work as the senior stylist on countless fashion shows and photo shoots around the world. Joe is the man that knows the #ForbiciWay of colouring and styling inside and out. Sun-tickled balayages, foils and long-lasting blow dries – Joe is an experienced hand with an eye for transformation.

Vicky skin specialist Knighstbridge


Senior Aesthetician and Skin Specialist

Meet Vicky, our in house senior aesthetician, Skin and body specialist. With over 20 years experience within the beauty industry. Vicky specialises in Non Surgical treatments such as body contouring, Laser hair removal, Microneedling, Aqua 3 Hydrafacial, aesthetics and profhilo. Vicky prides herself in delivering fantastic results with Forbici's signature bespoke treatments tailoring all packages to the clients needs which eliminates the need for surgical intervention. Helping clients to feel more confident in their appearance remains a key focus for Vicky.


Diretor Beautician

Meet Shadia Our Beauty Director. Studying in London's top school of beauty gaining the highest qualifications, Shadia has over 10 years of experience of being an aesthetician and specialist. Working in multiple 5 star luxury hotels in London, Shadia has built an incredible reputation in Knightsbridge and has been featured in multiple magazines for her work and ability to retain and provide consistency to her clientele. Building bespoke facials and body plans for her clients to ensure results are delivered ( see our PR tab for most recent coverage) Shadia leads our Beauty team at Forbici Knightsbridge and covers all beauty treatments including Manicures, Pedicures, facials, Waxing, Eyebrows & eyelashes, Laser Hair removal, Body contouring, fat burning, Microneedling and Aqua 3 Hydrafacial.



Over 20 years experience in the hair industry Mazen specialises in Beards, Hair and Threading. After gaining experience within luxury destinations within West London, Mazen joins the team bringing a knowledgeable background of the industry. Mazen has built fantastic relationships with his clients and Speaks two languages: Arabic and English.


Meet Giota our Senior Hairdresser, Blow dry and colour specialist at Forbici Knightsbridge. Giota has over 12 years experience of being a hairdresser and has a longstanding client list. Delivering stunning bouncy blow drys and is known for revamping and colour correcting. Offering a thorough consultation and knowledge of her work she is trusted by her loyal clients.

Giota Colour and blow dry specialist


Meet Christos our Senior Master Barber and Manager at Forbici Knightsbridge. Christos experience comes from training as a hairdresser and then moving into barbering, this taught him fantastic scissor skills. Working in the Netherlands for several years and travelling the world His experience allows him to offer a luxury male hairdressing experience specialising in all hair types. Christos is extremely professional and has been deemed by his clients and reputation of providing the highest quality service from start to finish. Christos speaks three languages, Greek, Dutch and English.


Olivia is our latest Senior Hairdresser to join the team. Showcasing a big following on instagram her clients love visiting olivia for her sunkissed balayage, highlights and is known for trend setting in the hair industry. Her consistency amongst her current client list and word of mouth of her great work has resulted in Olivia gaining a waiting list. Always thinking ahead of the next biggest trend on the market, Olivia is your go to if you want to stay ahead with your haircut and need a revamp. Olivia has a massive passion for fashion and can match your hair style or colour with the latest trends on the market. To join the waiting list and book a free consultation please get in touch.


we are here to get you ready for your big day

Our team of wedding Hair Stylists, makeup artists and beauticians can get you ready within the comfort of your own space or within our salon locations. We are proud to offer over 15 years of experience in making brides, their guests and Grooms look and feel their best on their big day. To enquire about our wedding packages contact us for a free consultation.



T - Shape is the latest certified and Medical platform machine which is proven to deliver results after undergoing multiple clinical trials . The machine Combines three technologies, multipolare radiofrequency, LLLT Laser and Vacuum suction which creates heat on connective tissues, this in turn helps increase collagen deposits and cellular metabolism. The suction function of vacuum immediately increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, both are essential to improve general health. Performed in a Non invasive way, the body removes the fat through the lymphatic system permanently removing the targeted fat cells and cellulite, giving the skin a tighter and smoother appearance and helps to promote elastin in the skin. The treatment is quick and effective and requires no downtime.

What does t-shape treat?

✓ Back fat
✓ Love handles
✓ Stomach fat
✓ Bum lifting
✓ Thigh sculpting
✓ Double Chin


8 - 10 sessions twice a week to achieve desired look

Procedure time

Approx 30 minutes per session



Buy a course of 6

750 £

Buy a course of 8

1050 £

Buy a course of 10

1350 £

Artemis Microneediling

ARTEMIS is a technology designed and studied to treat the main pathologies and imperfections of the face in a safe, effective and comfortable way. This latest generation diathermy gently and selectively heats the different skin layers, accelerates physiological cellular renewal, stimulates the production of new collagen, restores the elasticity and compactness of tissues. The dynamism in the emission of quadripolar diathermy energy, allows to focus the action on the layer of the affected tissue through a self-guided system, drastically reducing the power of use compared to traditional machines, making it able to focus energy in a targeted way only where necessary. The machine uses 32 gold needles to treat imperfections, the gold needles cause physical trauma in a targeted way only where necessary, helping induce the bodys natural healing process and collagen production.

What is artemis effective for?

✓ Sagging skin
✓ Lifting for the face, neck and décolleté
✓ Hand rejuvenation
✓ Facial contouring
✓ Split resurfacing


1 session every 10 - 12 days and 6 - 12 sessions depending on the area and desired results.

Procedure time

Approx 30- 60 minutes


In the days following the treatment (max. 7-10 days), there could be minuscule signs or micro crusts in correspondence with the matrix of the needles. These signs can be covered with makeup.

Course of 8 Radio frequency

1260 £

Course of 8 frax

2140 £

course of 8 radio frequency and Neediling

2950 £


Laser Hair Removal

Our Laser Hair removal is safe and effective on all skin types and can be used on any part of the body. The laser delivers Permanent hair reduction in a cost effective and fast way. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to remove unwanted hair. ... The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin (hair follicles) that produce hairs. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth.

Why should you do lasering

✓ Save time and money
✓ Save time and money
✓ Can be used on all skin types
✓ Suffering from Ingrown hair
✓ Suffering from sensitive skin
✓ Improve skin


6 - 12 treatments, 1 session every 4 -6 weeks apart

Procedure time

20 - 60 minutes


No downtime



 Per Treatment Course of 6 
Cheekbones or Sideburns£60£360
Upper Lip£55£330
Jawline, Lip & Chin£130£780
Neck (Front or Back)£80£480
Lower Face (Including Neck)£140£840
Full Face£180£1080
Lip & Chin£90£540


Beard £100£600


 Per Treatment COURSE of 6 
Extensive Bikini (High Hollywood/Brazilian)£160£960
Lower Legs (Including Feet & Toes)£180£1,080
Full Legs (Including Feet & Toes)£300£1,800
Half Arms (Including Hands & Fingers)£100£600
Full Back & Shoulders£320£1920
Half Back£150£900
Full Arms (Including Hands & Fingers)£220£1,320


 Per Treatment COURSE of 6 
Ultimate Mens Package : Includes Back, Shoulders, Chest, Abdomen and Upper Arms£600£3600
Ultimate Ladies Package : Full Legs, Bikini, Underarms, Naval Line & Half Arms and upper lip.£550£3300


Aqua 3 Hydrafacial

AQUA3 is a 3-in-1 technology that combines the extraordinary detergent properties of water-based peel containing sequential acids with microdermabrasion and the transdermal delivery of cosmetic ingredients. This is an extremely effective system that raises the bar for any facial treatment taking the effective properties of active substances to a new level. The multi-step treatment will cleanse, exfoliate and extract impurities and dead skin cells, while simultaneously replenishing vital nutrients. This incredible, non-invasive treatment detoxifies, rejuvenates and protects the skin for both immediate and long-term benefits without downtime or irritation.

why should you use Aqua 3 ?

✓ DIAMOND MICrODErMABrASION it is effective on thickened skins, acne scars, deep wrinkles or stretch marks


Immediate results recommend 1 session per month

Procedure time

20 - 60 minutes


No downtime

Buy a course of 6

1100 £

Buy a course of 8

1500 £

Scalp Treatment

Using a combination of Trifoltina and Aqua 3 machine, a treatment to encourage hair growth and circulation.

Who can use this treatment ?

✓ For Hair Fall
✓ Thinning Hair
✓ Scalp Rejuvenation
✓ Balding


1 session per month

Procedure time

30 minutes


No downtime


Anti Wrinkle Injections Treatment

Our popular anti wrinkle injections deliver a non-surgical and minimally invasive solution to help you improve and maintain the appearance of your skin. This anti-wrinkle reduction procedure works best for wrinkles caused by muscle overactivity such as forehead creases, frown lines and crow's feet. Anti wrinkle injections block certain chemical signals from nerves, mostly signals that cause muscles to contract. The most common use of these injections is to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes, this is a prescription-only medicine.

What areas can Anti wrinkle injections treat?

✓ Forehead lines
✓ Frown Lines
✓ Crows feet
✓ Bunny lines ( Transverse nasal)
✓ Peri Oral lines
✓ Brow Lift- Chin Dents


Results- Lasts 3- 6 months, 1 treatment every 4 months

Procedure time

20 - 30 minutes

Profhilo treatment

As we start to age we naturally lose volume and elasticity within our skin. Profhilo is an injectable skin remodelling treatment containing one of the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) on the market, especially formulated for people whose skin lacks volume and elasticity. Rather than just plumping and filling wrinkles, the slow release of HA by Profhilo stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, in turn improving skin tone, hydration and the appearance of fine lines. The result is improved skin quality lasting for up to 6 months.

What areas can Profhilo treat?

✓ Facial Areas
✓ Neck
✓ Body
✓ Decollete
✓ Knees and Hands


Results- 3- 6 months ( usually 2 sessions 1 month apart)

Procedure time

30 minutes


A few hours, back to work the same day


from £360

Scalp Treatment- Trifoltina 

Our new pharmaceutical range Trifoltina Offers a combination of product  and the Aqua 3 machine, a treatment to encourage hair growth and circulation.

Who can use this treatment?

✓ For Hair Fall
✓ Thinning Hair
✓ Scalp Rejuvenation
✓ Balding


1 session per month (8 sessions recommended for maximum result) 

Procedure time

60 minutes


No downtime