Artemis Microneediling

ARTEMIS is a technology designed and studied to treat the main pathologies and imperfections of the face in a safe, effective and comfortable way. This latest generation diathermy gently and selectively heats the different skin layers, accelerates physiological cellular renewal, stimulates the production of new collagen, restores the elasticity and compactness of tissues. The dynamism in the emission of quadripolar diathermy energy, allows to focus the action on the layer of the affected tissue through a self-guided system, drastically reducing the power of use compared to traditional machines, making it able to focus energy in a targeted way only where necessary. The machine uses 32 gold needles to treat imperfections, the gold needles cause physical trauma in a targeted way only where necessary, helping induce the bodys natural healing process and collagen production.

What is artemis effective for?

✓ Sagging skin
✓ Lifting for the face, neck and décolleté
✓ Hand rejuvenation
✓ Facial contouring
✓ Split resurfacing


1 session every 10 - 12 days and 6 - 12 sessions depending on the area and desired results.

Procedure time

Approx 30- 60 minutes


In the days following the treatment (max. 7-10 days), there could be minuscule signs or micro crusts in correspondence with the matrix of the needles. These signs can be covered with makeup.

Course of 8 Radio frequency

1260 £

Course of 8 frax

2140 £

course of 8 radio frequency and Neediling

2950 £