T - Shape is the latest certified and Medical platform machine which is proven to deliver results after undergoing multiple clinical trials . The machine Combines three technologies, multipolare radiofrequency, LLLT Laser and Vacuum suction which creates heat on connective tissues, this in turn helps increase collagen deposits and cellular metabolism. The suction function of vacuum immediately increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, both are essential to improve general health. Performed in a Non invasive way, the body removes the fat through the lymphatic system permanently removing the targeted fat cells and cellulite, giving the skin a tighter and smoother appearance and helps to promote elastin in the skin. The treatment is quick and effective and requires no downtime.

What does t-shape treat?

✓ Back fat
✓ Love handles
✓ Stomach fat
✓ Bum lifting
✓ Thigh sculpting
✓ Double Chin


8 - 10 sessions twice a week to achieve desired look

Procedure time

Approx 30 minutes per session



Buy a course of 6

750 £

Buy a course of 8

1050 £

Buy a course of 10

1350 £